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Do rules help or hurt our freedom?

This open class is an adaptation of my Ethics course for high school students. It begins exploring the question: Do rules help or hurt our freedom? Then we discuss the role of curiosity in the exercise of our freedom using the myth of Pandora’s Box: Are we bound to investigate everything we don’t know, or are some mysteries better left unsolved? Finally, we do an activity consisting of deciding whether an object is a blessing or curse — thus, also bridging the insights of the myth to our practical dilemmas.

Creativity is about finding new ways to address the usual and schools don’t like that. So I decided to continue with my teaching practice elsewhere. Teaching, for me, is about enabling curiosity and hopefully, this class will help your creativity thrive.


  • 00:00 – Welcome
  • 00:16 – Disclaimer (Before we being)
  • 02:39 – For me, teaching is about…
  • 04:25 – What are ‘rules’? (Let’s begin!)
  • 06:38 – The Myth of Pandora’s box
  • 12:02 – Take a Stand (So, what do you say?)
  • 13:50 – Is Curiosity a Blessing or a Curse?
  • 13:33 – Curiosity is a Muscle

Resources I mention in the video